Good Day Cafe Bad Day Bar Menus

The Menus:  Good Day Cafe

At Good Day Cafe Bad Day Bar we have a wide variety of delicious food on every menu!  Our breakfast is known all over the Twin Cities area and the lunch menu is no slouch, either.  Start your night out on the town with dinner at Good Day Cafe or with some starters and drinks.  It doesn’t matter if you are having a good or bad day, you are always welcome to have a seat at the Bad Day Bar and our servers will be right with you!


Good Day Cafe Breakfast Menu

Good Day Cafe Souffle Omelet best breakfastChoose from our Egg Spectations, Smokehouse Sizzlers, waffles, crepes, pancakes, souffle omelettes, french omelettes, and assorted items from the bakery.  No matter what you go with, you will be picking one of the best breakfasts in the Twin Cities, that we can guarantee!  If you are having trouble deciding what to order, the Iggy’s Fried Egg Sandwich is a fan favorite!  Watch out for the GDC Potatoes that come with many of the meals, they are dangerously good.  At Good Day Cafe, we take pride in providing the best breakfast experience in the Twin Cities.


Good Day Cafe Lunch Menu

Good Day Cafe has the tasty American classics you are craving, a full repertoire of salads, soups that will cure any cold, and fresh seafood.  Be sure to try one of our satisfying smoothies with your lunch!  Oh and yes, we do serve our breakfast all day long.


Good Day Cafe Dinner Menu

If you are so hungry that youRestaurant - Good Day Cafe - Dinner with friends cannot wait until the main course, start with a plate of our Worst Day Wings or some Spicy Black Bean fritters.  GDC is a perfect setting for a romantic night out with your special someone or a get-together with some of your best friends.  The lights get a little lower, you can hear the music, the mood is just right.  We are looking forward to having you join us for dinner at Good Day Cafe in the near future!


Good Day Cafe Barista Drinks and Smoothies

Coffee Shop Golden ValleyAt Good Day Cafe we have a coffee drink for any type of day.  During the summer, make sure to stop in and enjoy an iced latte out on the patio.  Woke up early?  Our doors open at 6:30am every day of the week for coffee and pastries.  There is no better way to start your day than enjoying some coffee in the cozy setting at Good Day Cafe.


Good Day Cafe Baked Goods

Everything in our bakery area is baked fresh and is a great way to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.  Pecan Rolls, slices of cake, scones, cookies, and pumpkin bars will be calling your name as soon as you walk into our restaurant in Golden Valley.


Bad Day Bar Wine and Beer List

Bad Day Bar has an extensive wine list and several classic beers that will bring out all your best stories the next time you drop by for happy hour.  Good Day Cafe Bad Day Bar has a full bar that you can order from no matter where you are sitting.


Bad Day Bar Signature Cocktails

If you like your adult beverages to be created with an imagination, then these are the choices for you.  At Good Day Cafe Bad Day Bar, we do not hold back when making these drinks!