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Barista Drinks and Smoothies

Good Day Cafe is the best spot in Golden Valley to sit and enjoy a great cup of coffee any time of the day.  Unlike the other Golden Valley coffee shops, we have ample room, a warm, inviting atmosphere, and a full menu to take advantage of!  We hope these options make us your local Minneapolis cafe!

Barista Drinks

  • $4.75 / $5.25
    Peppermint Patty

    Espresso, dark chocolate, mint flavoring, steamed milk and whipped cream

  • $4.75 / $5.25
    Chocolate Almond

    Espresso, almond flavor, chocolate, steamed milk and a splash of coconut milk and whipped cream

  • $4.75 / $5.25
    Chocolate Caramel

    Espresso, chocolate, caramel. steamed milk and whipped cream

  • $3.95 / $4.50
    Chai Tea Latte

  • $2.95
    Mighty Leaf Teas

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  • $0.75
    Flavor Shots

  • $1.75 / $2.25

  • $4.25 / $4.95

    Espresso and steamed half & half

  • $4.50 / 4.95
    White Chocolate Mocha

    White chocolate version of the classic mocha

  • $3.95

    Espresso topped with foamed milk

  • $4.50 / $4.95

    Espresso, steamed and foamed milk

  • $4.50 / $4.95
    Cafe Mocha

    Espresso, cocoa, steamed milk and whipped cream

  • $3.95 / $4.50

    Espresso and steamed milk

  • $3.25 / $4.25

    Espresso and hot water. Our Americano comes in a medium or large size.

Juices and Smoothies

All smoothies are made with Stonyfield organic French vanilla whole milk yogurt

  • Mimosas

    With fresh squeezed Orange Juice

  • Bloody Mary

    GDC "made from scratch" recipe

  • $5.95

    Strawberries, bananas, fresh OJ and French vanilla yogurt

  • $5.95

    Mandarine oranges, fresh OJ and French vanilla yogurt

  • $5.95
    Pom Pom Pollaway

    Pomegranate juice, Acai juice, bananas, raspberries and French vanilla yogurt

  • $5.95
    Crazy Carrot

    Carrot juice, Granny Smith apple, banana, French vanilla yogurt and honey

  • $5.95
    Berry Burst

    Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, fresh OJ, French vanilla yogurt and honey

  • $5.95
    Tropical Smoothie

    Mango, pineapple, bananas, coconut milk, French vanilla yogurt and fresh OJ

  • $4.50
    Cranberry, Tomato or Apple Juice

  • $4.95
    Orange or Grapefruit Juice

    Freshly squeezed daily.  Comes in L / S sizes

The Best Golden Valley Coffee Drinks

Good Day Cafe’s coffee is known to be fresh, flavorful, and smooth.  We pride ourselves on having great ingredients and experienced baristas.  Stop in to Good Day Cafe for the best coffee experience in Golden Valley.

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