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Featured in Food Network’s “Best. Breakfast. Ever.”

A Door Opens with Food Network

Food-Network-LogoA rare opportunity arose when the Food Network knocked on our door and asked GOOD DAY CAFE to be a part of a one-hour special titled “Best. Breakfast. Ever.”  The special features delectable breakfast dishes from the Good Day Cafe and ten other restaurants from coast to coast.

The “Oversized Apple Souffle-Style Pancakes”

EW0104H_Apple-Souffle-Pancake_s4x3.jpg.rend.snigalleryslideA unique opportunity can present itself when you have something unique to offer! Since the opening of Good Day Cafe in February of 2007, we continue to craft a very special pancake. The Apple Souffle Pancake is a decadent, warm, and delicious menu item that, more often than not, sits in the middle of the table for everyone to share. Its creation is a two-day process, a time necessary to consistently deliver excellence with every Apple Souffle Pancake we serve.

Appreciative of the Opportunity and Support of both the Food Network and our Customers!

First, we would like to give a huge “Thanks” to Food Network and Minneapolis’ own celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern for the recognition of our handcrafted recipes. In the episode of “Best. Breakfast. Ever.” they explained the cooking process, ingredients, and love that we put into each and every Apple Souffle Pancake we serve. While the cooking process and ingredients vary for all the dishes we have on our menu, the love and craft of food remain the same.

It’s fun to see Minneapolis’s Good Day Cafe represented among the coastal powerhouses of LA, New York, San Francisco, and Boston. What a privilege to be on Food Network”s “Best. Breakfast. Ever.” special and recognized with these other great restaurants. Thanks again!

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