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Waiting to be seated?

What to do if your party is waiting to be seated!

Good Day Cafe Coffee Bar and BakeryThe Barista Bar and Bakery

Nothing makes us happier then a ton of customers stopping by Good Day Cafe throughout their day to join us for a meal.  Depending on which day that is and what time of the day, when you arrive, it can be very busy and there may even be a wait.  It is our mission to ensure a wonderful experience for each of our guests as soon as they enter our doors.  So in order to accommodate those who are patiently waiting, we have setup a warm, comfortable, and easily accessible coffee and bakery bar.  At this bar you can order anything from one of our classic coffee options to Bloody Mary’s and mimosas. You can also order any of our signature bakery items available.  Who doesn’t love a little snack to hold them over before the meal? No matter what you desire, there will be a friendly staff member there to assist you with any of your needs.

Good Day Cafe Gift Cards and GiftsGifts and Seating

After you have grabbed a beverage and possibly a snack too, please feel free to check out our gifts table in the center of the lobby area or have a seat on one of our benches and other seating available.  We want to thank you for visiting Good Day Cafe Bad Day Bar.  We hope that this information gives you a better idea of things we can do to accommodate you while you are patiently waiting to be seated.

Good Day Cafe Bad Day Bar Mobile IconDecrease your wait time

Even though Good Day Cafe does not take reservations, we do encourage our customers to call ahead of time to get their name a list.  This helps decrease your wait time.  If you are a frequent visitor of Good Day Cafe, we have a new mobile icon available for your convenience.  Simply place it on your smart phone and our website and phone number for calling ahead is one touch away.


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