Golden Valley Dinner Restaurant

Good Day Cafe is the favorite Golden Valley Dinner RestaurantGood Day Cafe Bad Day Bar is the premier Golden Valley dinner restaurant!  Good Day Cafe Bad Day Bar is a Golden Valley restaurant built around food for the soul and fantastic, friendly service.  We provide a warm, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere to our Golden Valley dinner customers.  We have drinks and menu items that will fit anyone’s craving!  Join us for our famous breakfast, a social lunch, or a relaxing dinner experience.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Good Day Cafe has the Best Golden Valley Dinner Menu

Good Day Cafe Bad Day Bar Golden Valley RestaurantIf you are looking to order an appetizer, start with a plate of our Worst Day Wings or some Spicy Black Bean Fritters.  Good Day Cafe is the ideal setting for a romantic night out with your special someone or for hanging out with your best friends.  The lights get a little lower, you can hear the music, the mood is just right.  Stop in to the best Golden Valley dinner restaurant and see for yourself!

Golden Valley Dinner and Drinks!

Good Day Cafe Bad Day Bar is the most popular Golden Valley Dinner RestaurantIf you are just stopping by with friends or coworkers after putting in a long day’s work, we have just what you need:  Happy Hour!  The Bad Day Bar is a full bar with a nice selection of beer, wine, liquor, and our signature cocktails.  Order some appetizers and a couple drinks, then relax and share your best stories with your friends and family!  Good Day Cafe is proud to be the favorite Golden Valley dinner restaurant and truly appreciates your business.

The Golden Valley Dinner Restaurant

We wholeheartedly believe that we are the choice if you are going out for dinner in Golden Valley!  To keep it very simple:  Good Day Cafe has it all!  Fun and friendly staff?  Check.  Amazing food?  Check.  Warm and inviting atmosphere?  Check.  Top it off with a full bar and what you end up with is a complete and unique restaurant that will make anybody happy!  Thank you for helping to make GDC the premier Golden Valley dinner restaurant.