John the Regular

John the Regular

Here is a poem written by one of our regulars about Good Day Cafe. It was too sweet not to share!

My friend asked me “Where are you going to eat today?”
I smiled and answered “The Good Day Cafe”
He said “You seem to eat there a lot.”
I said “I can’t find a reason to not.”
He says “Tell me why this is so.”
I say ” Go with me and then you’ll know;
They have great drinks and even espresso.”
“The staff treats everyone as if you’re their friend.
With a list of wonderful baked goods that seem to never end.”
“Get swell soup, sandwich, salad or a full meal.
Your stomach will thank you and it’s a good deal.
Have a drink or glass of wine.
It comes from “The Bad Night Bar” which is quite fine.
Now my friend says “If you haven’t been there, know it can’t be beat.
The Good Day Cafe is my favorite place to eat.”

—John the Regular

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